The Memoir: Making Your Life Story Meaningful to Others Elizabeth Uhlig

Nowadays we see many schoolroom projects with the title “All About Me,” in which students lay out words, pictures and perhaps objects that give an overview of their lives in terms of their family members, pets, favorite activities, toys, etc. But is telling/showing all about me enough? What significant meaning can all about me have for others? Would fellow students not learn these data just by dint of being classmates? This workshop on memoir writing will give educators techniques for teaching the student how to unfold the story of his/her life in a way that will carry valuable messages tothose who read it. By gathering memories and information relating to pivotal points in students’ lives, young authors can compose a narrative that will produce a meaningful message as well as a portrait of the authors themselves.

Elizabeth Uhlig is a memoir specialist who has written her own life’s story as well as a textbook on memoir writing and several children’s books. She has also has assisted numerous authors, ages 7 and up, in discovering and telling their own stories.

The Memoir