Power of the Purse: The New Library and Reference Material Ordering System

Donna Boecker Co-presented with the Division of Contracts and Purchasing

Participants will be introduced to the new purchasing portal and ordering procedures for Library and Reference
Materials. The FAMIS Librarians Module (FLM) and Books in Print 2.0 are merging to offer librarians a powerful new
purchasing portal using Web 2.0 technology. Learn how to log-in to FLM, search and discover using BIP 2.0, develop
and share lists, and create carts for purchasing in FLM. There will be time for questions and answers during the

Donna Boecker has been in the library and tradebook industry since 1984. She’s worked at Bowker since October
2003. She is responsible for client training on Bowker’s library products for the library and university marketplace. In
addition she is also involved in helping develop the product.

The Power Point DCP and Bowker presented at Library Services Annual Fall Conference is now available on the DCP website at http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/DCP/Publications/Default.htm. If you have any questions or concerns please bring them to the attention of DCP Client Services at (718) 935-4444 or clientservices@schools.nyc.gov.