How Google Can Transform YOUR School Library Media Program

Melissa Ahart, Leanne Ellis and Beth St. John

Learn how to transform your school into a virtual learning community through Google Applications. Find out how your students and staff can share and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets without the hassle of flashdrives and downloading. Create surveys, quizzes, and tests for students which compile results in spreadsheets. Design interactive websites with video clips, quizzes, presentations, and documents embedded within them. Increase staff and student communication, organization, technology and information literacy skills in just a few clicks!

Beth St. John is currently a secondary librarian at the brand new Sunset Park High School in Brooklyn and serves as Recording Secretary for NYCSLA.
Melissa Ahart is an ardent blogger and tech guru at M.S. 88 in Brooklyn and serves as webmaster for NYCSLA.
Leanne Ellis recently made the transition from high school to middle school in Manhattan and has worked at schools in Japan and Argentina.
All have been active in various workshops and professional development opportunities in and around New York City for the past several years.

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