The Protraxx Registration System has changed.
To register please go to , log in (if you have difficulty, see instructions below) then select Library Services from the drop down menus of departments and click "search." The "Library Fall Conference 2009-2010" will come up. Click on the "enroll now" button toward the bottom of the page and voila! You are registered! You should immediately receive an automatically generated e-mail indicating that your enrollment is pending and within a few days (or weeks) an e-mail confirmation of your enrollment. If the registration process does NOT go this smoothly please consult the instructions below or contact our office staff listed below.P

Retrieving your Username and Password in Protraxx
1.Go to

2. On the right-hand side of the page click on the "CLICK HERE" button under the retrieve username and password section.

3. Enter the user information requested on the page and then click the search button.

4. Account information for the user will be displayed.

5. Click the "Send Password" button and the username/password will be sent to the e-mail on file.

6. If the e-mail on file for the user is incorrect or blank click the "Change Email" button. Enter the correct e-mail address and click the "Update" button.

7. Log into the e-mail account provided to obtain your username and password

8. New employees to the DOE might not have account information entered into the system. If this is the case please contact for assistance. Please include your first name, last name, position and assigned school in the email.

external image pdf.pngRetrieve user account - Protraxx.pdf
If you need assistance with registration in Protraxx for the Fall Conference, please contact one of the following people:

Carmen Turner (212) 374-6479
Mohini Sookdeo (212) 374-4214
Barbara Jackson (212) 374-0781

Thank you,

Office of Library Services