High School Graduation to College Convocation: Research Skills in Transition

Robert S. Nelson

Are your high school students ready for college? This workshop is designed to acquaint high school librarians with the
constantly evolving nature of college-level research and how they can best prepare their seniors for the transition from
high school to college. Included in this presentation will be a discussion of the 5 most often utilized skill-sets as they
relate to information-seeking in a college library and the recently published AASL 21st Century Learner standards.
Emphasis will be placed on how to collaborate with teachers and to develop projects that mimic college-level
assignments. Handouts will include planning sheets, brainstorming charts, group-work handouts, and end-of-session

Robert Nelson is the new elementary school librarian at PS 186X Walter J. Damrosch School in the Bronx. He also
has over 13 years experience on both the high school and college level. Robert’s last position was serving as the

Library Instruction Coordinator for the College of Staten Island.

Dear Colleagues,
As I mentioned in my presentation there is a blog/website that will allow the conversation started during our brief time together to continue and allow for further development of your modules. By way of update and information, I have now added the slides from yesterday's presentation to the site. Comments, additions, and other information may be found under POSTS and COMMENTS. To see enlarged versions, please click on the slides. For even better readability, double-click. Please feel free to register and begin posting. If you have trouble with this, please let me know.
For those who were unable to attend, you might find this of interest:
For those in attendance that requested my contact information, the information below should suffice. As I stated at the end of my presentation, I am more than willing and happy to work with you to help implement a module.
Thank you for your warm reception and your continued interest.
Robert S. Nelson, Librarian
Walter J. Damrosch Day Treatment School
PS 186X
718-378-0006 x2172
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